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Commercial Garage Doors - Aluminum Doors
Aluminum Doors


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Product Description
The Aluminum Series Doors are aesthetically pleasing and will allow plenty of light to filter in. The narrow rails and stiles offer a very subtle design touch. This style of door is used for many applications such as fire halls, restaurant patios, car dealerships & mechanics.

310 Series - 3" Styles & Rails
510 Series - 5" Styles & Rails

• 1 5/8" Thick
• Solid or Kick Proof Bottom Section Available
• Exhaust Port Available

Glass Options:
• Plain
• Tempered
• Tinted
• Frosted
• Glue Chip
• Thermal
• Thermal Tempered
• Thermal Frosted
• Thermal Frosted Tempered
• Georgian Wire

Available Colours
• Clear Anodized
• Anodized Black
• Anodized Bronze
• White (Painted)
Commercial Garage Doors - Flush Wood Insulated Doors
Flush Wood Insulated Doors


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Product Description
This heavy duty flush insulated wood door, with it's smooth flat finish, long lasting durability and strength is perfect for apartment doors and other commercial applications.

• Constructed of Kiln-dried Hemlock Lumber frame
• Faced with 6mm Crezone plywood (Both Sides)
• Insulated with 1” Styrofoam
• Finished thickness is 1 5/8”
Commercial Garage Doors - Plywood Panel Doors
Plywood Panel Doors


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Product Description
Plywood panel doors are the most cost efficient commercial doors in our catalogue. They remain a favourite due to their incredible durability. Suitable for apartments and all commercial type applications.

• Stiles and rails are 1-3/8" thick kiln-dried Hemlock lumber; meeting rails have rabbeted weather joint.
• Panels are 5.5 mm (1/4") Mahogany panels.
• Finished sections are sanded and ready for paint.
Commercial Garage Doors - Service Sections
Service Sections


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Product Description
Accidents happen. We understand that it is not always practical to replace an entire garage door when they do.

That is why we offer service sections in some garage door models.
We want to ensure that you get the service you need to keep your business running as it should.

Steel-Craft's Therm-O-Dor
• Model TD-138 - 1 3/8", Polyurethane Insulated, R-Value 12.6
• Model TD-134 - 1 3/4", Polyurethane Insulated, R-Value 16.04

Overhead Door's Thermacore Collection
• Model 593 - 1 3/8", Polyurethane Insulated, R-Value 12.76
• Model 591 - 1 5/8", Polyurethane Insulated, R-Value 14.86
• Model 592 - 2", Polyurethane Insuated, R-Value 17.5

C.H.I.'s Micro-Grooved Doors
• Model 3285 - 2", Polystyrene Insulated, R-Value 10.29
• Model 3216 - 2", Polyurethane Insulated, R-Value 17.54
Commercial Garage Doors - Steel Insulated Doors
Steel Insulated Doors


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Product Description
The Thermalex 2000 Series is a polyurethane foam injected door specifically designed and built for commercial and industrial applications using only the highest quality materials.

With its consistent foam density and chemically bonded foam to steel, the panels are free of voids and will not deteriorate over time. The panels remain stable at all temperatures, maximizing the efficiency of the insulation and preventing any heat transfer or retention of moisture.

Thermalex 2000 doors are the optimal choice for your commercial needs.

Model TX380
• 1 1/2" Thick
• R-Value 14.1
• Thermal Units Available
• Shiplap Rails

Model TX450
• 1 3/4" Thick
• R-Value 16.3
• Thermal Units Available
• Full-View Aluminum Sections Available
• Tongue and Groove Rails

Model TX500
• 2" Thick
• R-Value 18.4
• Thermal Units Available
• Full-View Aluminum Sections Available
• Tongue and Groove Rails

Available Colours
• White
• Brown (TX380 & TX450 only)
Commercial Garage Doors - Steel Non-Insulated Doors
Steel Non-Insulated Doors


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Product Description
The CHI Ribbed Steel Model 3240 doors are durable, light and cost effective doors. These commercial non-insulated steel doors are virtually maintenance free: Steel cannot rot, warp or chip. They are a great alternative to wood doors.

These doors are designed to resist the harshest of elements and wind-chamber tested to ensure protection against destructive wind force.

Model 3240
• 2” Thick
• 24ga. Steel (Hot-dipped galvanized)
• Tongue and Groove Rails
• White Interior
• Thermal Units Available

Available Colours
• White
• Brown
• Sandstone
• Grey
Rolling Steel Doors
Rolling Steel Doors


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Product Description:
These coiling doors are engineered and designed for maximum strength and durability. Manufactured to stringent code standards, the Series 6000 insulated coiling door is an industrial product built to provide a high degree of confidence for specifiers and end users. A wide variety of slat profiles, gauges, and color options are available.

Half-hexaginal formed hoods deliver superior structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal.

Clear acrylic glazed lites approximately 5" x 1-1/8" in size and spaced 7" on center. Pattern options include one or more full rows or groups of windows.

Service Panel:
Guides feature an easily removable 24" inside angle simplifying the replacement of damaged slats or bottom bar.

Available Colours:
- Grey
- White
- Tan
- Brown
*** Select powder coated options available ***